If you want to get gay married or jump a broom or celebrate a pagan hand binding or just have your office staff come out for a picnic before you fire them all, we offer the space for private events. It’s a really nice space for such things and we’ve had weddings and memorials and many parties and hootenannies and a couple of chef’s dinners that went off without a hitch.

The farm is the old Houseworth farm and we are only its second owners. The original family was here since the 1790's and there is a charming Victorian farmhouse, an old log cabin, many out buildings and a big renovated party barn that Martha Stewart would approve of. We are very near Arabia Mountain exactly 20 minutes east of downtown Atlanta. The area is popular with hikers and daytrippers who frequent the over 2100 acres of public forest, fields and granite outcrops from Arabia to Panola mountain. The drive is lovely and the area feels surprisingly rural and quaint to be this close to the city.

The space is large and beautiful and comfortably accommodates around 150 people or so. We have a large and perfect barn with a stage and large seating area that is adjacent to a large lawn that can be tented. The feeling is rustic but elegant and accommodates different styles from hootenanny to fancy. 

If you are interested in booking the space for your event scroll to the bottom of this page and contact us.

There is room for about 50 cars on site - more would require a bigger conversation, but there are options. Its a good idea to have a parking attendant to guide cars, a fancy port-a-pot, tents on reserve for bad weather and of course you'll need chairs and tables - in other words, all the typical things for a wedding. We also have some good recommendations for food and flowers. 

If you want to spend the night the fee is $100 per person per night and we can do about 6 people in the house or you can camp. And there are hotels in the area. We have to get quiet around 11 - so switch from Disco to guitars. 

The best events we've had here have been elegant, simple, sweet and rustic with good food, good people, dresses and boots, whiskey and a big fire late in the evening with songs and laughter. Its not the Piedmont driving club or the rose garden at the Swan House. Its an old and lovely farm with beautiful gardens and its easy to take a deep breath here and appreciate the best things about your life.

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